Wall Surrounds

Enhance your bathroom space with elegant surroundings.

Hard materials that protect the walls around your shower or bath from moisture.

What finished look works best for you?

Grout-Free Surrounds

Tile Surrounds

Grout Free Surrounds

Elegant Bathrooms Stoney Creek offers complete wall surround solutions. We specialize in
grout-free and seamless surrounds for any wet area including tub skirts, splashes, and even shower bases. Explore the possibilities with Marbelite, Cultured Marble, and Cultured Granite.

    • Bacteria resistant
    • Seamless
    • Grout-free
    • Stain resistant
    • Made in Canada
    • Easy to clean

Still want tile? Panel systems have the look of tile and grout without the maintenance and sanitary issues associated with grout. Each wall is manufactured in one piece and the sealed surface has absolutely no chance of mould or mildew.

Marbelite is created using Tyvarian® products, an innovative and unique manufacturing process that incorporates high-definition images into a clear top coat that is backed by a limestone matrix.

Panel Options

Two surface finish options in stock sizes: matte or polished
Four edge finish options: rolled, banded, unfinished or trim

Whether you are building or remodeling, Cultured Marble is the best choice. No grout to scrub, no tile to chip, and easy to clean. Best of all, we can install in one day and be out of your hair!

Made locally, they hand pour your Cultured Marble according to your needs.

Cultured Marble

Tile Surrounds

Tiles will help you customize a true and unique look that is yours. When properly laid over a solid sub-frame with the correct water proofing, thin set mortar, grout and seal, you will have a virtually water resistant surface.



It will be totally seamless…top, bowl, and backsplash. This gives it a silky smooth, classy look and makes it simple to clean. Available in natural veined, granite veined, and speckled granite finish.

    • Bacteria resistant and stain resistant
    • Grout-free
    • Seamless
    • Traditional
    • Anything that covers the walls of the wet area of your shower, bathtub, backsplash
    • One piece or multiple pieces
    • Our specialty