Personalized Bathroom Renovations

Enjoy the stories of couples we had a pleasure to work with in the past. Their bathroom renovations exemplify the importance of personalizing dream bathrooms to truly make a house their own. With the expertise and guidance of Elegant Bathrooms,
their houses underwent a remarkable transformation and showcase the value of custom solutions.

an image of an elegant bathroom

Bathroom Transformations

A story of a couple on the brink of exciting life changes. With their daughter leaving for college and planning her wedding, they recognized the perfect opportunity to revamp their home. Their primary goal was to ensure that their bathroom spaces were welcoming, stylish, and suited for any upcoming changes in their lives.

an image of a main bathroom

Personalizing Dream Bathrooms

A story of a couple who recently realized their dream of owning a home in Waterdown, a space they’ve longed for. While the house was perfect in many ways, it didn’t quite feel like theirs yet. Eager to make it truly their own, they decided to embark on a journey of personalizing their main bathroom, and ensuite bathroom.

An image of bathroom renovation for new baby

New Baby Needs A New Bathtub

A story of a couple in their early thirties, eagerly preparing for the arrival of their first child. The couple recently decided to take on a bathroom renovation project, focusing on replacing their old, outdated steel bathtub with a modern acrylic one to create a safe and relaxing space and environment for their growing family.

Image of a bathroom after renovation

Transforming Bathrooms for Aging in Place

A story of a couple who have chosen to stay in their beloved home, embracing the concept of aging in place. After many years in the same space, they recognized the importance of adaptability and unity during life’s changes. Their home, once a symbol of their dreams, became an opportunity for bathroom transformation.

An image of bathroom after renovation

From Bathtub to Spacious Shower

Imagine you’re a homeowner with a bathroom that includes a standard-sized bathtub, but you’ve always dreamt of a more spacious and luxurious shower experience. Many homeowners face this dilemma, wanting to transition from a bathtub to a roomier shower to create a functional and modern space.