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Our 5 Easy Steps To Transform Your Bathroom From “OK” To “Dream-like.

The all-inclusive bathroom renovation solutions in Stoney Creek. Choose Elegant Bathrooms as your complete bathroom redesign and renovation solutions provider. We are here to transform your old “normal” bathroom into your dream elegant bathroom in 5 easy steps.


Step 1 – Plan

Welcome to the exciting start of your renovation journey! Let your creativity flow freely as you gather inspiration without worrying about space constraints.

Homeowners typically have a clear vision based on their existing bathroom setup. Your unique preferences matter, so take the time to create your own list of ideas.

Explore our showroom or browse online for inspiration.


Step 2 – Design

Now that we’ve gathered all your ideas let’s collaborate to turn them into reality for your space. Our bathroom adviser will help you assess your space’s potential.

We’re here to guide you through this process, ensuring clarity and readiness for any challenges.

Rest assured, we’ll help you navigate smoothly, even if some visions face obstacles due to structural or unforeseen conditions.

Step 3 – Select

It’s time to merge your plan and design!

Let’s go shopping in our private showroom and design center.

Based on your vision, we’ll walk you through different layouts, styles and options to give you a true sense of what your space will turn into, ensuring your decisions align with your style and budget.

Step 4 – Install

Now, onto the crucial part: demolition. Whether DIY-ing or working with our team, this phase brings everything together.

Post-demolition, we’ll ensure your design’s feasibility and address any surprises. With the plan set and items ordered, the renovation should proceed smoothly.

During the planning stage of your journey, you’ll have exact expectations of how long the project will take, from demolition to painting.

Step 5 – Enjoy

Now comes the enjoyable part! Keep a file of all invoices for warranty purposes and register your items with vendors for quick assistance.

Test everything and familiarize yourself with operating instructions, especially for features like heated floors.

Notify us promptly of any issues discovered. Enjoy your newly renovated space!

Sit back, relax and watch the transformation of your space to your dream bathroom.

We undertake the complete responsibility of transforming your current bathroom into your dream bathroom, including demolition, redesigning, product selection, and installation, so you don’t have to stress about any step of the process.

Our Bathroom Renovations Projects

Discover how amazingly we have transformed these ordinary bathrooms into modern, elegant spaces.

An image of before and after bathroom renovation

New Baby. New Tub

Getting ready for their first baby, they wanted to make their bathroom safe and relaxing for their growing family. 

An image of before and after bathroom renovation

Aging in Place

After many years in the same house, they knew they needed a bathroom to adapt as they age. 

An image of a before and after bathroom renovation

From Old to New

Opting into purchase an older home made room for personalized renovations and unique touches.

An image of before and after bathroom renovation

Empty Nesters

With their children grown and gone, they decided to renovate their bathrooms to be welcoming, stylish, and ready for whatever comes next.

An image of before and after bathroom renovation

My Dream Home

While their new house was perfect in many ways, it didn’t quite feel like theirs until they put their own style, character, and identity into their space.

The Bathroom You Are Dreaming of Is Possible

A Testament to Detail and Craftsmanship

I have had Patrick renovate both my ensuite and main bath. Both he and installer have a keen eye for detail and design. Their suggestions took my ideas from pretty darned good, to amazing.
Their input was invaluable. Installer is a master craftsman. He leaves nothing behind but sheer perfection. Each job was done within the projected time frame. I had a couple of small issues arise after the installations were completed and they were taken care of right away.
Patrick is professional.His prices are competitive. Upon viewing, jaws dropped. My sister and brother in law have already started working with him and another friend will when ready.
Needless to say, we are very happy with our bathrooms!

— Bev & Gord, Stoney Creek

Seamless Service and Perfect Fixtures

We recently had our only bathroom updated by Patrick and his crew! Patrick was great to work with and had the project completed very quickly with a high level of quality. Any issues that arose during the process were dealt with immediately and questions were answered right away.
Patrick presented us with many different options for fixtures and even found us the perfect bathtub that fit our needs and space! We would definitely recommend Patrick to our friends and family!

– Laura, Stoney Creek

Outstanding Workmanship and Exceptional Service

I have been extremely satisfied with the work done by Elegant Bathroom for our bathroom reno.
They supported us in the redesign of the bathroom layout, selection of the furniture, tiles, fixtures and more. The workmanship was outstanding, and the customer service was equally great.
I’d definitely use their services again.

– Marie, Stoney Creek

Expertly Crafted Custom Bathrooms

We recently had the pleasure of working with Patrick on a custom new bathroom.
He was incredibly professional, concise and detail oriented. We would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to renovate their bathroom. We encourage you to check out his showroom and see for yourself. Thanks again Patrick!

— Sarah & John, Stoney Creek

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