Transforming Your Bathroom: From Bathtub to Spacious Shower


Imagine you’re a homeowner with a bathroom that includes a standard-sized bathtub, but you’ve always dreamt of a more spacious and luxurious shower experience.

Many homeowners face this dilemma, wanting to transition from a bathtub to a roomier shower to create a functional and modern space.

The Challenge

An image of a bathroom before renovation

As a homeowner, you’ve longed for a more open and spacious shower area, but you’re not sure how to make it happen.

The challenge is to transform your bathroom layout, replacing the bathtub with a comfortable and stylish walk-in shower without compromising on functionality.

The Solution

a graphic of bathroom renovation plan

To address this challenge, you partnered with Elegant Bathrooms, experts in bathroom renovations.

They provided a comprehensive solution to transform your bathroom, focusing on converting your existing bathtub into a spacious walk-in shower.

The plan included designing a new layout, selecting elegant tiles and fixtures, and ensuring that the shower space met your preferences for size and comfort.

The Outcome

With Elegant Bathrooms’ assistance, your bathroom was transformed into a stunning and practical space.

The bathtub was replaced with a spacious walk-in shower equipped with luxurious fixtures.

The new design showcased stylish tiles and elegant accessories, making your bathroom both functional and visually appealing.

An image of bathroom after renovation


Your case study highlights the desire of many homeowners to transition from a standard bathtub to a spacious and modern shower.

The partnership with Elegant Bathrooms exemplifies how a well-planned renovation can turn this vision into reality.

It showcases the potential to create a functional and elegant bathroom space that aligns with the homeowner’s desires and preferences.

We recently completed a shower renovation with Elegant Bathrooms and Patrick was great to deal with. Throughout our entire process, he was honest with us, guided us, and made sure when possible he got things done. If you are looking for someone to guide your bathroom project to the finish line Elegant Bathrooms is the team for you!

— Mark