An image of a bathroom after renovation
An image of a bathroom after renovation

Transforming Bathrooms for Aging in Place with Comfort


an image of an older couple looking at bathroom renovations plan

Jessica and Lucas are homeowners who have chosen to stay in their beloved home, embracing the concept of aging in place. After many years in the same space, they recognized the importance of adaptability and unity during life’s changes.

Their home, once a symbol of their dreams, became an opportunity for transformation.

Jessica and Lucas have decided to renovate their living space, with a particular focus on their bathroom, to ensure it remains comfortable, accessible, and a place where they can confidently age in place.

The Challenge

An image of a bathroom before renovation

As homeowners who have cherished their space for many years, Jessica and Lucas wanted to ensure their home could accommodate their changing needs.

They embarked on a journey to create a bathroom that would enable them to age in place with comfort and independence.

The challenge was to design a space that went beyond mere functionality, providing them with a sanctuary that reflected their lifestyle and allowed them to look towards the future with confidence.

The Solution

a graphic of a shower plan

Elegant Bathrooms partnered with Jessica and Lucas to make their aging-in-place vision a reality.

The mission was to transform their bathroom into a space that combined accessibility with style and modern comfort.

The renovation plan included a barrier-free shower, seamless wall panels, a spa-like bathtub experience, and elegant storage solutions.

These design choices aimed to create a space that catered to their immediate needs while fostering a sense of independence and optimism.

The Outcome

The completed renovation was more than just a bathroom transformation; it was a testament to Jessica and Lucas’s unwavering commitment to their home and their journey.

The new bathroom reflected their resilience and their desire to age in place with dignity and comfort. Each element, from the tiles to the fixtures, contributed to creating a space that was not only accessible but also a symbol of their enduring love and the possibilities of aging in place.

Image of a bathroom after renovation
Image of a bathroom after renovation
An image of a bathroom after renovation
An image of a bathroom after renovation


Jessica and Lucas’s case study serves as a reminder of the importance of aging in place with grace and adaptability.

It underscores the significance of creating an accessible and welcoming living environment to enable homeowners to stay in their cherished homes.

Their story inspires all of us to embrace the concept of aging in place, highlighting the transformative power of a thoughtfully designed and welcoming living space.

Our experience with Elegant Bathrooms was very positive! Patrick was very enthusiastic and knowledgeable, he really tried to understand our vision and helped to bring that to life. He spent a lot of time in the show room helping us get a visual before finalizing the plans. They set a date and committed to it.

The project started on time, and his installer was a pleasure to work with in home. We felt we could trust him with the meticulous work we wanted done, his knowledge and experience were an asset to get the job done quickly.

He ensured that we were satisfied with the work before completion. We are glad that Elegant Bathrooms put in the work and did it right! Thank you!

— Jessica & Lucas