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Our Bathroom Renovations Services

Elegant Bathrooms is a one-stop bathroom renovation store. We provide products and installation services specifically for your unique situation. We help homeowners, and work with independent contractors and designers, to achieve your dream bathroom. Whether you are modernizing a tired look, or something needs to be repaired or replaced, we can help you with the products and installation to get the job done.

We also understand, and are able to help with, the need to improve function and convenience to suit your current, and future, lifestyle. We are dedicated to constant, never-ending improvement and education, enabling us to help our clients improve function and convenience. We also eliminate poor planning by providing the proper sequence of tasks and making sure designs are practical and feasible from a construction standpoint.

With Elegant Bathrooms, you will have the confidence in knowing that you will get what you want, made properly, on time and on budget – all with minimum distraction to your home and lifestyle. Look below at our most popular solutions

The Powder Room

This little space is one of the most used bathrooms in the home, and is the one primarily used by guests and visitors. Elegant Bathrooms Stoney Creek understands that this is the bathroom that sets the tone for the entire home, and if there is one bathroom that our clients typically like to splurge on, this is the one!

The Ensuite

Translates to “in a room”. This bathroom is a very personal space, since it is attached or connected to a bedroom, typically the master bedroom or “master ensuite”.
We are finding now more and more homes with multiple ensuites, as well. They offer privacy and proximity and can be your personal retreat waiting for you! Since they are connected, they can range in size from a small two-piece powder room style, or mini personal spas, or even his and hers powder rooms. At Elegant Bathrooms we can help you understand what makes the most sense for your ensuite bathroom. Whether you are planning on keeping your existing footprint, making it bigger, or adding a non-existing one to your bedroom, let us help walk you through it.

The Main

At one time this bathroom was the only bathroom in the home that serves as the main, the guest, the powder room and the ensuite, all in one. It is typically off the hallway and can be shared by all users and guests in the home. At Elegant Bathrooms we understand and respect that this can be the only bathroom in your home, and it may need to serve as all of these functions. Since they are typically small in size, it is important to utilize every square inch of space. We understand the importance of combining style, form, and function to make this space a place for everyone to come together and shine.

The Three Quarter

This is a bathroom that is becoming more and more popular, with a shower, toilet, and vanity. It is probably the most debated bathroom renovation, as I find home owners are battling the idea of, “should I keep my bathtub or get rid of it?” The trend that we are seeing here at Elegant Bathrooms is that 9 out of 10 bathroom renovations are involving removing some kind of bathtub and installing a shower only. I hear things like, “will it be okay for resale”, or “will we be able to sell the home after?” This has been debated now for many years and it is my personal conclusion that whenever I ask anyone who comes into the Elegant Bathrooms showroom how many times they use their bathtub in a year, their response is usually, “never” or “once a year”.

The Laundry Room

With a name like Elegant Bathrooms, you would probably find it strange to see a laundry room come up, but yes, we do laundry rooms. I have found that over the years this space is growing more and more popular, and since you need faucets, cabinets, tiles, and hardware, naturally it is a space that we love to help our clients renovate. Whether you are looking to move your laundry room to a new location, update your existing room, or add a new one, we are here to help.

The Refresh

Are you sick and tired of your current bathroom situation? Do you want to make some small changes to make it a nicer, better place? Why not update the space? Typically, what we are finding is that homeowners such as yourself are changing their countertops, sinks and faucets, or maybe even updating their cabinet and vanity, or changing things like their light fixture and mirror with some accessories, and adding some paint. All of these updates can help bring happiness, joy, and new life into your existing bathroom, even on a tight budget. If you take the time to plan your bathroom update, you can do the work in the proper order of stages so that, over the course of time, you have updated your existing bathroom in such a way that it will be like new!