Find the perfect complement to your bathroom design.

Elegant Bathrooms Stoney Creek knows toilets. Is your toilet too low? Do you have to flush your toilet 3 times to keep it clean? We understand that a toilet is not just a toilet. There are some things to take into consideration before deciding which toilet is best for your bathroom renovation. Current site conditions may affect which toilet you can or can’t use. Also, depending on your home’s construction, where your water supply is located, and what type of bathroom remodel you were hoping to do can impact your decision. So let us help you determine the right fit for your situation.  Still need help? Call, email, or visit us and we will be happy to help and advice.

    • Toilets
    • Round Front
    • Elongated
    • Wall Hung
    • Comfort Height
    • Seats
    • Washlets
    • Neo Rest
    • Rear Injection
    • One Piece
    • Two Piece
    • Skirted
    • Tankless
    • Single Flush
    • Dual Flush
    • Sana Gloss
    • Wondergliss