Discover comfortable and elegant shower options.

Shower anyone? If you thought you liked water, well think again! Showers are evolving and changing. Typically, we are all too busy and it’s hard to find a place to unwind. If you want to disconnect, or if you want to stay connected, we probably have something for you. From comfort and safety, to all the bells and whistles, let Elegant Bathrooms Stoney Creek help you with all the details.


Is your shower leaking? Do you just want to modernize a tired look? Elegant Bathrooms can help! Most homeowners have questions like: can i make my shower bigger? can we move the plumbing. Typically we can but every situation is unique, so bring in your picture and ideas.


Probably the most popular renovation choice today. The number one question or concern is: do I keep my bathtub or get rid of it? Well let me tell you, in 9 out of 10 bathroom renovations homeowners are removing their bathtub and installing the shower of their dreams.

Shower Bases

Today the choices are endless when it comes to your bathroom renovation. Shower bases or receptors are available in all different shapes and sizes and materials. Elegant Bathrooms Stoney Creek has many different choice available to fit your style home and budget. We offer pre-made solutions to tailor-made solutions for your perfect bathroom.

Building your own?

Planning a new shower base need help? Come in to the showroom or call us. Before you come…. it is wise to come into the store prepared with some basic information. Take a measurement of your existing shower. Note each space is it interior wall or exterior wall, where is the current plumbing located, what is beside the shower. Better yet take a picture. Mark the drain location, all these things can help us plan your space and maximize it to the shape and size that will suit
the situation.

Premade Drain

Shower Drains

Shower drains have evolved. They are no longer just a plastic round puck with either a stainless-steel or white lid. They have evolved into bigger trough styles that come in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Elegant Bathrooms Stoney Creek has the right drain solution for your application and project. Come into our showroom so we can help you find the right solution for your bathroom! Shower drain accessories include led lights, plastic or stainless-steel strainers to prevent hair, jewelry or debris from going down the drain, locking mechanism on the drain, as well as a variety of grate designs.

Shower Curb Sill Threshold

A strip of cultured marble, stone, quartz, or tile forming the bottom of a shower doorway and crossed in entering a shower (typically sloped from 3/8” to 1/4” into the shower).

Curb – the structure that the threshold sits on top of typically measured from finished floor to the top.
Sill – a horizontal piece that forms the lowest member of framework or supporting structure.

With so many choices available today, it is important to come and see the options available at Elegant Bathrooms Stoney Creek. Can’t find what you are looking for? We have tailor-made solutions available in any colour, shape, or size to help you achieve your dream bathroom.

Corner Shelf

A flat length of rigid material attached to a wall that provides a surface for storage or display.

One of the most frustrating things is having a beautiful shower without having a place to put your shower supplies! I call it “bottle management”. When you’re in the shower, using the shower floor for storage is not only inconvenient, but a safety issue as well.  Let Elegant Bathrooms Stoney Creek help you with your bathroom renovation to give you a beautiful and practical shower! With so many different options, from glass, stainless steel, cultured marble – the choice is yours!


    • Glass
    • Tile
    • Cultured Marble
    • Stainless Steel
    • Porcelain