Whirlpool or Jacuzzi Bathtub: To keep or Not to Keep?

by | Aug 23, 2018 | Bathroom Renovations

Let me start by sharing a story: this past weekend I had a couple come into my store, who have owned their home for about 27 years and are the original owners of the home. They have been putting off the bathroom renovation for a while because everything is working perfectly, but it is starting to get a little tired. When they came into our Stoney Creek showroom, they were kind enough to share with me that their shower was a little too small and that they had this big Jacuzzi / whirlpool bathtub. When I asked them how many times in the last 27 years that they used it, the wife could count on both hands and her husband on one hand. What I am finding is that this is a very common response. With most homeowners who are in similar situations, this is the common answer that I am hearing over and over again. When I ask them why they don’t use it, I am hearing things like, “it takes too much time to fill the tub”, and “then you have to do the maintenance to keep them clean.”

So what do we do? Typically, one of the first suggestions that homeowners are telling me is that they want to cancel their whirlpool bathtub. But what if, instead of cancelling the Jacuzzi / whirlpool, we re-purposed it? It has been my personal experience that most of the time, if the electrical was done to code, and this should always be double checked by a licensed electrician once the demolition has been complete, then you have a perfectly good electrical line on a separate breaker.

Now, you may be asking, “what can we do with this line?” I have had clients in similar situations use it for heated floors, heated towel bars, steam showers, and electronic bidet seats. The most common of these being the heated floor. Typically, the hardest and most costly part of adding any of these options to your bathroom is running a dedicated line from your upstairs bathroom, through your finished home, and typically, finished basement, down to your existing electrical panel.

So if you are cursed with an old Jacuzzi / whirlpool bathtub, you may also be blessed with new possibilities for your new dream bathroom. Do you need any help planning your new bathroom renovation? Elegant Bathrooms in Stoney Creek is here to help!

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