Top 5 Hacks For De-Cluttering Your Bathroom

by | Jun 21, 2022 | Bathroom Renovations, Tips & Tricks

When you walk by your bathroom door, and you look inside….

Do you breathe a sigh of contentment? Is it calm, comfortable, a little oasis in your busy life?

Or does it make you cringe just a little bit?

Is it wall-to-wall clutter, counters covered in bottles and jars, towels everywhere, and maybe a suspicious wet spot on the floor?

If your reaction is more uncomfortable than comfortable, we can relate!

We’ve’ all promised ourselves that we would stop buying so many different kinds of soap and shampoo, but they always end up piling up anyways.

What you (and we) need is a little organization! And we’ve got our five top tips to get you started!


#1: Declutter

This is the first and most important step because there is no point in organizing things that you just don’t need anymore!

So pull everything out of your cupboards and drawers, lay it out, and decide what you really want to keep, what goes in the garbage, and what you can give away.

Keep an eye out for expired medication, products that have been water damaged, unused hair styling products and tools and other household items that have mysteriously made their way to the bathroom…

we won’t ask how that spatula ended up behind the toilet.


#2: Add More Storage

Next, consider adding more storage options. Is there room for a cabinet or other storage solution over the toilet?

A bigger shower caddy?

A mirrored cabinet instead of just a mirror?

There are so many ways to build more storage into your bathroom while taking up very little extra space.

If you can keep your bathroom counters clear and get everything into storage your bathroom will instantly feel calmer and inviting.


#3: Bathroom Caddies

Are there A LOT of people using your bathroom?

If so, you may want to consider getting separate bathroom caddies for each of your family members.

These caddies are durable and easy to carry with a large handle, and they can house each person’s shampoo, soap, cosmetics, and other personal products.

The caddies can be stored in the bathroom if you have enough storage, or they can be kept in individual bedrooms (this is the BEST hack if you have teenagers who love to experiment with personal products).


#4: Use Drawer/Shelf Dividers

Keeping things organized in the bathroom often means organizing lots of small objects and this can leave the interiors of your drawers and cabinets very chaotic.

An easy solution is to use drawer and shelf dividers to create compartments for your stuff, regardless of size.

You can line a drawer with different sizes of trays to hold hair clips, toothbrushes, soaps, and more!

And in your cabinets and under the sink, use shelf dividers to create double the storage.


#5: Use Towel Hooks Instead of Bars

If you have kids, you know the struggle: trying to get them to hang up their towel at all, much less hang it up in a tidy way.

This is the easiest solution of them all: exchange your towel bars for towel hooks.

It’s easier for kids to hang up, and the towels air dry better.

Towel hooks can be installed pretty much anywhere, even on the back of the bathroom door.

We hope our tips have helped you imagine a more organized and peaceful bathroom space. As always, if you have any questions, please reach out and contact us – we are always happy to hear from you!

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