The Main Bathroom Renovation

by | Mar 15, 2019 | Bathroom Renovations

Have you been living in your home for a while and been too busy to get to that main bathroom renovation? Is it your only bathroom in the house and you’re worried that you can’t be without a working bathroom? Or maybe you have a powder room and don’t have another bathtub or shower to use, and you’re worried that a renovation will take too much time to complete. Well let me tell you, you’re not alone. One of the most common things I hear when speaking to potential clients is that this is their only bathtub or toilet in the house. At Elegant Bathrooms, we face this challenge all the time.

We have experience in dealing with bathrooms of all shapes and sizes, and we understand that the main bathroom is a critical project. Following the Elegant Bathrooms step-by-step process will make your renovation quicker and easier to accomplish the bathroom of your dreams! The first step is to plan: do you have all of your bathroom ideas ready? Have you looked at what kind of bathroom design will fit your space? Have you taken measurements? Have you taken pictures? Having all of this information, you are ready to go to the bathroom store and get professional advice on starting the design process. This could be a simple renovation where you are just replacing your existing fixtures and leaving everything in the same place, or maybe it’s more complicated, and you were hoping to move existing fixtures and remodel the space.

With your bathroom ideas and design now decided, you can start the selection process of the materials needed. Be sure to make all of the selections, and place orders for any non-stock items, at this point. This would include any plumbing fixtures, lights, paint colours, flooring, etc., leaving as few unanswered questions as possible. I find that when you leave these items to a later date, they either never get done or take longer than expected to arrive. Once everything has been ordered and received, it’s time to get the renovators into the house to start the project. This pre-planning will help to avoid any delays, and get your renovation completed on schedule.

Once the renovation is finished, all you need to do is enjoy the bathroom you’ve always wanted!

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