Signs Your Bathroom Needs a Reno

by | Sep 16, 2022 | Bathroom Renovations

Is your bathroom looking fresh and functional?

Or are you unintentionally sporting a “vintage” look that has outlived its appeal and usefulness?

The signs may be there, and we will help you see them. Here are our Top 6 Signs Your Old Bathroom Needs a Renovation!

#1: Ye Olde Light Bar

This light fixture is all burned into our memories – literally. 

It’s 5 round bulbs on an old-fashioned light bar, and each of the bulbs is bright enough to hurt your eyes when you get up in the morning (or even worse, when you get up in the middle of the night). 

One of the best updates you can make for your bathroom is to change the lighting. 

Choose a fixture with a modern look, use energy-saving bulbs, and for best results, make sure you use dimmable bulbs and install a dimmer light switch.

Colourful Bathroom

#2: A Little Too Colourful

Colour can work wonders in your bathroom space but can also create chaos or, at the very least, a very outdated look.

We are talking specifically about colourful bathtubs, toilets or shower stalls.

They are featured in many old bathrooms, and often the colours are pastel shades of ugly.

If this is your situation, it is time to renovate your bathroom and install a new bathtub, toilet and shower stall.

#3: Slamming Doors and Drawers

Slamming doors and drawers aren’t just annoying; they are dangerous, especially if you have small children! 

How many of us remember the pain of getting a hand or finger slammed in a door or drawer – you don’t want that to happen to your family or friends! 

Modern bathroom furnishings are often equipped with soft-close drawers and doors, and even soft-close mechanisms are available for your bathroom entrance doors and shower doors. 

#4: Cabinets Coming Up Short

Many older cabinets are not just small but short!

This makes retrieving the things you need a backbreaking activity instead of any easy task.

If you are spending too much time bent over digging around in your cabinets, it may be time to replace them.

Your new cabinets can be more extensive and better organized to store all your bathroom items.


#5: Tile Where It Doesn’t Belong

Another old bathroom trend that we think is outdated is tacky tile halfway up the bathroom wall!

Tilework is one of the essential elements in the overall look of your bathroom, so old ugly tile on the wall is a total bummer.

This is a sure sign that it’s time for a bathroom redesign!

#6: Bold As Brass, Grey or Gold

We think it goes without saying, but brass finishes in the bathroom are ancient history, and they will immediately make your bathroom look old and outdated.

Gold finishes are also on their way out, and so are grey walls, tiles, and everything else.

Warm up your space with earth tones like browns, creams, and bronzes.

So there you have it.

6 main signs your bathroom is outdated.

If your bathroom is showing its age, contact us today so we can talk about the renovation you need!

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