No One Will Want to do That!

by | Sep 7, 2018 | Bathroom Renovations

I was at the gym the other day and, speaking to a fellow member, we started chatting about a small project that he had to do at his home.  He has tried to take it on himself, but is feeling a little overwhelmed with the project.  It was some kind of 3-step crown molding situation with crazy angles, unsquared walls, not plumb ceiling, etc.  I asked him if he is in over his head, and why he doesn’t call someone to install it for him.  The wood he is using for his kitchen is pretty expensive per length, and he has admitted that he has screwed up a couple of pieces.  Good thing he ordered a couple of extras, but if he doesn’t have enough, it’s 6 weeks delivery to get new ones.  Also, who knows if the colour or shade will be exact? 

This reminded me of what I am hearing in the showroom from customers, as well as family, things like, “the job is too small, no one is interested”, and “they won’t come out just for that”, etc.  What I am always telling people in these situations is that when you work with a company like Elegant Bathrooms, located in the greater Hamilton area, we have jobs that have been scheduled 8-12 weeks in advance and sometimes we finish a job early, let’s say on a Thursday, and it may not make sense to start Mr. & Mrs. Smith’s bathroom on a Friday if it is their only bathroom.  So this leaves us some gaps or opportunities that can be taken advantage of for these small, couple of hour or half day jobs.  

So, if you are thinking to yourself, “I might be in over my head on this and I need help on my current bathroom project”, why not call us or come into our showroom and see if we can give you a hand to get that job done and off your plate?

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