Master Ensuite Bathroom – West Mountain, Hamilton

by | Mar 1, 2019 | Bathroom Renovations, Before & After

Setting yourself up right! Now that my clients have their powder room bathroom the way they wanted, it was time to work on their master ensuite bathroom. The challenge that we were facing in this case is that my clients live in a retirement community, and their master ensuite bathroom had a bathtub/shower combination, which was not suitable for their current, or future needs. It was time to renovate and remove the bathtub and replace it with a shower. They had just updated their toilets not too long ago, so that didn’t need to be replaced. During our discovery meeting, it was also decided that the vanity was in good condition, but the countertop should be replaced, so we were going to work around the existing vanity and toilet. They were also not happy with their floor, so we picked some new tile to help them get the bathroom they wanted.

During the renovation, the renovators discovered that there was a pipe above the floor that would be in the way of our new shower installation, so they had to move it. (You never know what challenges you will find along the way!) We were also hoping to remove the bulkhead, but unfortunately, they had plumbing from the toilet in their loft bathroom hidden in it, so while we couldn’t remove it, we were able to reduce the size.

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While all of this was going on, my clients told me that they liked the new vanity in their powder room so much, they decided to update the master ensuite cabinet as well. They chose a new AHM vanity, in a colour to match their new Marbelite Rustic Copper shower walls, base and countertop. In this bathroom they decided to change the finishes from chrome to brushed nickel. We installed a JL Baril exposed shower valve, with hand shower and rain shower, finishing off with a custom glass door. We also installed shower grips to make sure that their shower experience would be safe, and made provisions to add a folding shower bench in the future, as right now it was deemed unnecessary. We also installed 3 glass shelves for their bottle management. They chose Sarana 12”x24” Obac Graffito tile with a matching water jet laser cut contemporary style tile heat register. Now, with the renovations done, they finally feel like they are living in their own home the way they want it!

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