Kid Friendly Bathrooms

by | Feb 17, 2022 | Bathroom Renovations, Tips & Tricks

How fun is your bathroom?

The bathroom can be one of the BEST places for kids to play and make fun memories. Bathrooms can host bubble baths, bath paint, or even a Barbie salon and spa, and so much more.

The last thing any parent wants is to worry about their child’s safety in the bathroom.

Your bathroom will be more fun for you if you know that your kids are safe while they play. So we have put together our top tips for making bathroom play fun AND safe.*

Tip #1: Shower Temperature Control 

Keeping water at a safe temperature is one of the best ways you can make your bathroom kid-friendly.

Many shower systems come with thermostatic shower valves – these valves prevent scalding when a toilet is flushed, resulting in less cold water in your pipes!

You can also get a shower with a temperature setting feature. Simply program the temperature, and you can adjust the water volume without changing how hot or cold the water is!


Tip #2: Removable Hand Shower 

When you are a small human in the shower, that showerhead can feel very far away and kind of intimidating.

A removable hand shower makes all the difference – kids have control over the height and the flow of the water and suddenly showering isn’t so scary anymore!

Just be careful when you open that curtain – you don’t want to start a water fight!


Tip #3: Shower Curtain

Every kid-friendly bathroom should have a fun and colourful shower curtain. It’s great for imaginative play, AND it makes it easier for kids to access the shower instead of opening and closing a heavy door.

It can even be installed within a shower door, so you don’t miss out on that deluxe bathroom look in the long run.

If you’re feeling adventurous, ask your kid to pick out a shower curtain with you! It might not match your decor, but they’re only young once.


Tip #4: Potty Training Toilet Seat

Speaking of kids picking out decor, why not get them involved in potty training decisions and get them to pick out a colourful toilet seat?

There are so many to choose from, but a good potty seat will fit the toilet bowl snugly, keep your child supported and comfortable, and give them an “I can do this” attitude.


Tip #5: Tub Spout Cover 

Do any of you have this memory?

You’re in the bath as a kid (or even now as an adult), and you are about to sink back into the warm water when out of nowhere – BAM!

You smack your head or your hand on the tub spout?

My head aches just thinking about it.

Thankfully, there are some great solutions to this problem.

Tub spout covers are an effective – and really cute – way to protect your kid’s noggin.

They are usually made of a soft rubber that cushions the metal fixture.

Personally, I prefer one shaped like a whale, but there are other options like ducks, fish, elephants, or more neutral designs.


Tip #6: Bathtub and Shower Anti-Slip Solutions 

This is a safety tip that is truly for everyone! Slips and falls in the bathtub or shower are hazardous at any age.

There are many solutions available: full-size bath mats, anti-slip decals, anti-slip shower bases, or a combination of any of these.

We recommend starting with anti-slip material for your shower base and then adding a fun bath mat or some cute decals will make it even safer.

Talk to us today if you have any questions about making your bathroom a safe place for your kids!

*These tips are not intended as a substitute for appropriate parental supervision.

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