How To Turn Your Bathroom Into the Spa Getaway of Your Dreams

by | Apr 11, 2022 | Bathroom Renovations, How To's

If there is anything we have learned over the course of the pandemic and especially during the lockdowns, it’s that we have to bring fun and special experiences into our own homes.

We can have fancy culinary experiences in our own kitchens, we can create our own backyard oasis, and we can turn our living spaces into getaway-worthy places.

One of the most fun in-home transformations is your bathroom – you can turn your bathroom into a space worthy of any fancy spa.

It’s so easy, and we have compiled our favourite tips and tricks to make it happen.

Check them out below and see which ones speak to you!


#1 Chromotherapy Lights

Chromotherapy (“light therapy”) is the application of visible light, the color spectrum, to aid in the purpose of tissue regeneration and healing.

Light is electromagnetic radiation (energy emitted as particles or waves) and each colour of the spectrum has a unique wavelength that has a different impact on our bodies.”
When you install these lights in your bathroom, you can bring all the benefits of chromotherapy to your home!


#2 Steam Shower or #3 Sauna

Humans have been enjoying the healing effects of steam for centuries, so why not bring it into your own home?

Both steam showers and saunas provide stress relief and ease muscle tension, especially after a long day of work.

A sauna is a more traditional approach, using the application of water to a hot rock stove. It’s a classic, but it does take up more space and sometimes requires a dedicated room.

A steam shower, on the other hand, has its own steam generator with a much smaller footprint that can be included even in small bathrooms.


#3 Glass

Nothing says luxurious spa experience like glass enclosures, especially for your shower or steam shower.

You can also incorporate glass into decorative pieces.

Glass creates a feeling of space and reminds us of the clarity of flowing water – soothing sensations for your busy mind.


#4 Essential Oils

Most spa experiences will include the application of essential oils – so they are a must in your spa-like bathroom!

Essential oils are readily available at many retailers and are an easy way to enhance your spa experience.

You can start simple, with lavender for soothing relaxation, or mint for an invigorating tingle.

After that, the world is your oyster – there are so many other oils to discover!


#5 Sound System

Everyone likes to sing in the shower, but if you are looking for a spa experience, it absolutely needs the soothing sounds of nature and a quiet musical backing track.

You could just play music on your phone, but if you want to be enveloped in soothing sound vibrations, you will love having your own bathroom sound system.

And there are so many options – some with more bells and whistles – to fit your budget.


#6 Towel Warmer

It’s the towel fresh from the dryer feeling without the wild dash to the laundry room! Install a towel warmer in your bathroom so you can slip from your spa treatments into a luxurious pre-warmed towel.

A towel warmer bar takes up very little space in your bathroom, just install it to the wall and enjoy!


#7 Heated Floor

Our last trick for a spa bathroom is a bigger project but with THE BIGGEST reward.

A heated floor will truly complete your spa experience. No more freezing your feet on the cold tile!

A heated floor not only provides the ultimate cozy feeling, but it can also help relax the muscles in your feet. When our feet are relaxed, the rest of our bodies can follow.

A heated floor is a project we would be happy to assist you with!

If this or any of the other tricks sparks your interest, please contact us and we would be happy to help you turn your dream spa bathroom into reality.

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