How to Take Pictures of your Bathroom

by | Jun 3, 2020 | Bathroom Renovations, How To's

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’, how many times have we heard that? But it’s so true when it comes to your bathroom renovation. When we meet with homeowners and they try to describe to us their situation, we find it difficult to understand. Most of the time when we finally have a video chat or meet in the home, we walk through the bathroom and tend to be on different pages. When you’ve lived in your home for 15-20 years, the bathroom is just a place you go to use. The details that you pay attention to may not be as vivid or sharp in your mind as they should so we have to rely on our memory. Although we can typically do a good job describing it, sometimes critical data can be missed or forgotten. This is why we should take pictures of the bathroom or space where you’re planning to put a new bathroom.


Step #1

Stand in the doorway and take a picture of what is in front of you.


Step #2

Look up! Take a picture of your ceiling.


Step #3

Move around the room clockwise and take a picture of each wall. If a wall is too big to fit in one picture, take two. These will be great reference sources for you. Continue until you have reached the first doorway.


Step #4

Every bathroom is different and you will want to take pictures of the specific traits for your bathroom space. We have them broken down to tub/shower combination, tub only, shower only, vanity area & relief area. Choose the areas that pertain to your bathroom only!


Bathtub/Shower combination  

Open the curtain rod, tub shield or tub/shower door. Take a picture of the tub/shower faucet. Stand back and take a picture of the entire space.


Stand-Alone shower

Open the curtain rod or shower door. Take a picture of the shower faucet. Stand back and take a picture of the entire space.


Stand-Alone bathtub

Take a picture of the bathtub and faucet capturing everything in one picture.


Vanity area

Take a picture of your vanity (Tip: Try to stand to the side so you don’t capture yourself in the mirror). Open the cupboards and take a picture of your plumbing inside the vanity.


Relief area

Take a picture of your toilet. Make sure you capture the water pipe your toilet is connected to; typically it’s coming from the wall or the floor.

Well, you’re all done and ready to meet with your bathroom advisor. If you feel that there are other pictures that may be important to you, feel free to take them. With any project, it’s important to know that more is better than not enough.

Well done!

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