How Far in Advance Should You Plan Your Bathroom Renovation?

by | Sep 12, 2022 | Bathroom Renovations

Creating your ideal bathroom is a labour of love that takes time – just like all good things! In the past, we would always recommend that our clients plan their bathroom renovations one season in advance – if you want your bathroom completed by Winter, you need to get started in the Fall.

However, the pandemic era has changed everything regarding renovations, and the usual one-season lead time may not be enough. Delays in bathroom renovations can be very frustrating – no one wants to live with an ongoing home project that makes your bathroom inaccessible.

Let’s talk about how the landscape of bathroom renovations looks now and how you can plan for success.


Waiting for Materials

The world of renovations is a complex ecosystem that depends on many factors – the availability of trade labourers is one factor, but so is the availability of materials.

Many of our renovation supplies in North America are manufactured and imported from different countries. During the peak of Covid-19, factory work slowed down, and construction materials were not being shipped at the same rate. And there is a backlog on both foreign materials and materials made locally.

Unfortunately, this also means that the price of materials has increased – good old supply and demand at work.


Give It Time

This is why we are now suggesting to our clients to plan their bathroom renovations two or even three seasons in advance – if you need your bathroom finished by spring, start planning now! This will allow ample time for materials to arrive and provide some leeway to handle potential labour shortages that may push start dates back an additional month or two.

This is especially important if you have a particular design in mind. Once you have picked your finishes, like tile and fixtures, you may find that some items have a longer wait time than others.


Alternative Ideas

So what if you don’t have the extra time to wait on specific materials and finishes? There are always materials available if you are willing to be flexible with your vision!

For example, if the same tile you pick out isn’t readily available, you can choose an alternative that provides the same look and feel. It can be challenging to adjust your expectations, but this is a process that we would be happy to walk you through.

If you’ve been thinking about renovating your bathroom, it’s never too early to give us a call and discuss your plans. Contact us today!

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