Can I do my own Bathroom Demo?

by | May 28, 2020 | Bathroom Renovations

If I received a dollar every time someone asked me how much they would save if they do their own demo, I probably wouldn’t have to do bathroom renovations. Now, I know with homeshows, YouTube & Google, all the answers are at your fingertips. It looks easy and it’s rewarding because you see the results immediately. If this is a bucket list item for you, I understand. Or if you have some frustrations you want to get out of you, go for it, but here are the things that you have to think about.


How much time will it take you and what’s the return on that investment worth for you?

If it pays you more money to do the demolition then that’s great but before you go and put on your safety glasses and start to swing the hammer, think about these first. The first thing is preparing the area. Do you have drop sheets laying around? Old sheets and towels may do but they may be slippery. You can purchase cardboard and tape it down but that will take some time to prepare the area. Then we have the stairs, which can be tricky if you have hardwood. Or if you have carpet, you don’t want to put something on them that will damage them or create issues in the future. 


Do you have all the tools?

Now that we have prepared the area, what about the tools? Are you going to purchase them? Or borrow them? All the necessary screwdrivers, electrical testers, solder to cap the water, tools to remove the bathtub drain, prybars for the flooring staple removers, cordless drills, etc. You’ll also need totes, bins, heavy-duty garbage bags, masks and gloves? Where are you going to put all the garbage? Are you going to rent a bin? Or maybe you have access to a truck and you’ll drive it over to the dump? Don’t forget you need to wash it and  fill up the gas. If you borrowed the truck, you’ll need to take them out for lunch! You’ll also have to pay for the dump and clean up the job site as well. Don’t forget the consumables;  sawblades, knives, blades, garbage bags, masks, etc. 


Can you troubleshoot?

So things are going great and you run into a snag and you’re thinking “do I remove that? Nah, I will just leave it since the installer can take care of it!” Sometimes you can run into a problem where you took out too much or didn’t do something that was supposed to be done. Now you’re in a pickle of who is responsible for this or that and you’re not sure if you were to add up all the time for you to arrange, pick up and schedule everything and everyone vs. having everything done for you, if it was worth it. 

That is totally up to you. Elegant Bathrooms understands bathrooms and creating value but take the time to make sure you didn’t bite off more than you can chew. Or even worse, you didn’t save as much as you thought.

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