Are you Really Ready to Start your Bathroom Renovation?

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Bathroom Renovations

So the phone call you have been waiting for finally comes in, your contractor calls you to confirm that he will be starting the bathroom renovation on Monday. You are very excited and can’t wait as you have been planning your dream bathroom now for a while and did all of your homework.  You will probably be told something like, “make sure everything is here and ready”. Now, you may be thinking to yourself, I have the weekend to finish those final purchases for Monday.

Just the other day I had a couple come into our showroom, located here in Stoney Creek, to get their whirlpool bathtub because their contractor was starting on Monday.  I have run into this situation many times, and when I tell the customer that we don’t have that in stock and it may take a couple of days or sometimes weeks, the clients get a little frustrated or disappointed. It’s not that we can’t get you a whirlpool bathtub in time, we do have access to ones that are ready in stock, but it may not be fitted to your situation. You wanted air jets but now, because your contractor is telling you he needs the bathtub for Monday, you go with the one that they had in stock, not the one that you wanted.

Elegant Bathrooms wants to remind you to follow our 5 step process:  plan, design, choose, install, and enjoy.  Don’t leave any decisions to the last minute, order everything upfront so you get what you want, and don’t have to settle for what is in stock on a shelf at a big box store, or having to call around from store to store to find this particular item. Typically, homeowners wait a long time before they are ready to start their renovation, so make sure you get what you want, and not what you had to settle for.

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