3 Questions to Ask Yourself When Designing Your Bathroom

by | Nov 7, 2022 | Bathroom Renovations

When designing a bathroom space, it may be overwhelming to realize that there are so many options to choose from. 

How do you make the right choices for your area? 

How do you create the right bathroom for your needs? 

To simplify it, you can ask yourself a few basic questions that can narrow down your options immediately and get you started. 

The questions are:

  1. Who is using the bathroom?
  2. How much space do you have? 
  3. Do you prefer a shower, a tub, or both? 

Bathroom customization options are limitless – flooring, tile, fixtures, cabinets, etc. But before getting caught up in the details, you can decide on the basic setup of the bathroom by choosing between:

  • A shower/tub combo
  • Shower only
  • Tub only
  • Separate tub and shower 

Let’s get into the questions now!


#1 Who Is the Bathroom For?

This question is key to your bathroom design and the one we always recommend starting with. 

Will the bathroom be tailored to your needs, or is it being designed for somebody else? Are there several people who will be using it? Do they have similar requirements for very different ones?

For example, is the bathroom for adults or children or both? 

Children often prefer a bath, and adults a shower. A shower/tub combo is likely your best option if both are sharing the bathroom.

Another example, are there accessibility issues to consider? 

Showers are often more accessible than tubs, so an accessible shower with a shower bench may be a better option than a tub. 

The “who” the bathroom is for ties into all your decisions about your bathroom, so let’s keep that in mind. 


#2 How Much Space Are You Working With? 

When choosing between a shower/tub combo, shower only, tub only, or separate tub and shower, the other essential question is how much space you are working with. 

Showers typically take up the least space and can be incredibly space-saving. A shower/tub combo is also very space efficient, and a tub only can also space saving depending on the design.

A separate tub and shower take up the most space, but this can be a great option if you have enough space!

Which takes us to the final question:


#3 What Do You Really Want? 

Maybe you grew up with a shower/tub combo, so that’s all you’ve been expecting for your new bathroom. 

Or perhaps you’ve been dreaming of an oversized soaker tub or a shower room – wherever you are starting from, make sure you give yourself room to do what you want, not just what you’ve seen done before.

We are here for you and all your creative bathroom ideas. 

Once you know who the bathroom is for and how much space you have, we can really get going on bringing the bathroom of your dreams to life.

Contact us today!

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