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Elegant Bathrooms is a one-stop bathroom renovation store. We provide products and installation services specifically for your unique situation. We help homeowners, and work with independent contractors and designers, to achieve your dream bathroom. Whether you are modernizing a tired look, or something needs to be repaired or replaced, we can help you with the products and installation to get the job done.

The Elegant Experience:
5 Easy Steps

Don’t know where to start your bathroom renovation? I find that most people typically have a hard time preparing for a bathroom renovation. Let us walk you through our easy 5 step process.


This is the best part of the renovation process. Let your imagination soar, don’t worry about if it is going to fit, just find a way to collect as much information as you can about what you like. I find that, typically, homeowners know what they want as they have experience with their existing bath-room and know their likes and dislikes, we just need to put it together. I would advise that each in-dividual put their own list together as, typically, what is important to one person may not be as im-portant to the other! Remember, “happy wife, happy life”! You can always come into our Elegant Bathrooms Stoney Creek Showroom and take a look to get inspired, or spend some time on houzz, instagram, or at open houses or home shows, just to name a few. Or you can see what our clients are up too.


Now that we have all of your ideas, let’s see how we can make it work in your space. This is the time to pull out that measuring tape or utilize one of our Bathroom Advisers (future download Mag-ic Plans) and see what is possible in your space. This is where we will have to see if your layout is possible in your bathroom, as you may feel this is not yet the time to get the Contractor you are working with to see what is or isn’t possible. It is preferable to begin such a project with eyes wide open. Sometimes what you are hoping for may not be possible because of the structure or condi-tions. Unforeseen issues can arise in the middle of the process, because we don’t see a potential issue until it happens during the installation process.


We have your plan and design. Now it’s time to marry these together. With all of our paint chips, pictures, and ideas, your choices can now be made. We can now see what will or won’t work in our space based on the design. You will be ready now to order all of the products necessary to build the bathroom of your dreams. As you start selecting, you will notice that there are a lot of products available at many different prices. Like clothing, you can purchase a white tee-shirt for $1, or spend up to $250. The differences are in how the shirt fits, the material it’s made of, and how long it will last. All these things may be important to some people, so we can help you make the right decision to fit your style and budget.


Now we are ready for the easy part, demolition, everyone’s favourite day. Not really, it’s pretty messy!! But whether you are a DIY person working with your own contractor, or working with our craftsman, this is the moment where everything comes together. After demolition you will be able to make sure that everything will be possible based on your design and, hopefully, we won’t run into any unforeseen issues that the demolition has exposed. Now that we have the plan, have ordered everything needed, and dealt with any pre-existing issues the renovation should run smoothly. Timelines will vary depending on the work being done. Typically, a standard bathroom will take 7 business days to fully finish from demo to paint.


Now is everyone’s favourite time. But before you start, be sure to keep a file of all your invoices. You never know when some kind of warranty issue will arise. Better yet, take the time to register your items with the vendors. It’s as easy as filling out a form and emailing it. That way if needed, help will just be a phone call away. Make sure you try everything and take the time to read the manuals on how to operate the heated floor. Typically, we may find some deficiencies at this point, so please bring them to our attention. It’s important to maintain your beautiful investment as well, and we have some cleaning products to help you do that, as well as other accessories, to take care of the those little things that you may have forgotten along the way!

Our Bathroom Renovations Projects

An image of bathroom renovation for new baby

New Baby Needs A New Bathtub

A story of a couple in their early thirties, eagerly preparing for the arrival of their first child. The couple recently decided to take on a bathroom renovation project, focusing on replacing their old, outdated steel bathtub with a modern acrylic one to create a safe and relaxing space and environment for their growing family.

Image of a bathroom after renovation

Transforming Bathrooms for Aging in Place

A story of a couple who have chosen to stay in their beloved home, embracing the concept of aging in place. After many years in the same space, they recognized the importance of adaptability and unity during life’s changes. Their home, once a symbol of their dreams, became an opportunity for bathroom transformation.

an image of an elegant bathroom

Personalized Bathroom Transformations

A story of a couple on the brink of exciting life changes. With their daughter leaving for college and planning her wedding, they recognized the perfect opportunity to revamp their home. Their primary goal was to ensure that their bathroom spaces were welcoming, stylish, and suited for any upcoming changes in their lives.

Our Client’s Testimonials

We recently had our only bathroom updated by Patrick and his crew! Patrick was great to work with and had the project completed very quickly with a high level of quality. Any issues that arose during the process were dealt with immediately and questions were answered right away.
Patrick presented us with many different options for fixtures and even found us the perfect bathtub that fit our needs and space! We would definitely recommend Patrick to our friends and family!

– Laura

I have been extremely satisfied with the work done by Elegant Bathroom for our bathroom reno.
They supported us in the redesign of the bathroom layout, selection of the furniture, tiles, fixtures and more. The workmanship was outstanding, and the customer service was equally great.
I’d definitely use their services again.

– Marie

I have had Patrick renovate both my ensuite and main bath. Both he and installer have a keen eye for detail and design. Their suggestions took my ideas from pretty darned good, to amazing.
Their input was invaluable. Installer is a master craftsman. He leaves nothing behind but sheer perfection. Each job was done within the projected time frame. I had a couple of small issues arise after the installations were completed and they were taken care of right away.
Patrick is professional.His prices are competitive. Upon viewing, jaws dropped. My sister and brother in law have already started working with him and another friend will when ready.
Needless to say, we are very happy with our bathrooms!

— Bev & Gord

We recently had the pleasure of working with Patrick on a custom new bathroom.
He was incredibly professional, concise and detail oriented. We would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to renovate their bathroom. We encourage you to check out his showroom and see for yourself. Thanks again Patrick!

— Sarah & John

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