Tub to Shower

  The most popular and controversial renovation that I find home owners contemplating is changing or removing the bathtub and turning it into a shower. I am hearing things like, “I’m not sure if we should get rid of the tub, it’s the only bathtub in the house. What about resale value?” These are great questions … Continue reading “Tub to Shower”

Oakville Bathroom Update

  I met Sandy at the Jenkins home show in Oakville. She wasn’t sure of what she wanted to do but knew it was time to do something! She was looking at vanities and countertops, and wanted to update her tub area. She had a lot of ideas, but didn’t know how to put them together. … Continue reading “Oakville Bathroom Update”

Waterdown Before & After

  Check out this Waterdown Ensuite Bathroom Renovation Elegant Bathrooms Stoney Creek has helped another client achieve the bathroom of their dreams! As you can see, we took this 90’s forest green style bathroom and made it elegant. We met Laura & Craig at the Hamilton Spring Home Show, and we spoke about their bathroom, and … Continue reading “Waterdown Before & After”


  I am humble and grateful that you have taken the time to read my blog. I want to start with a story to tell you how I got here. I never thought I would be in the renovation business as I was a gym rat. I still am, needless to say! But one of my … Continue reading “Beginnings”