Should I Move Or Renovate?

  Is anyone else out there a fan of Love it or List it Vancouver? We all have our hands up over here. It’s always such a cliffhanger. Can this couple learn to love their home again after a significant renovation, or have they really and truly outgrown it and needed a new place?  But life … Continue reading “Should I Move Or Renovate?”

Tips For Staging Your Bathroom

  Our Top 7 Tips for Staging Your Bathroom  So, you are preparing to sell your home, and you need to stage your bathroom? Staging your bathroom is essential.  When potential buyers come into a home, they will focus on two main things: the kitchen and the bathroom.  We have all the tips and tricks for helping … Continue reading “Tips For Staging Your Bathroom”

Kid Friendly Bathrooms

  How fun is your bathroom? The bathroom can be one of the BEST places for kids to play and make fun memories. Bathrooms can host bubble baths, bath paint, or even a Barbie salon and spa, and so much more.  The last thing any parent wants is to worry about their child’s safety in the bathroom.  … Continue reading “Kid Friendly Bathrooms”